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Raise a Glass on September 17th for Halfway to St. Patrick's Day

There's a new holiday that is spreading the globe. It's called Halfway to St. Patrick's Day. With origins in Arthur Guinness Day, Halfway to St. Patrick's Day is set to become the next great Celtic holiday for the Fall.

St. Patrick's Day is my favorite time of year. Not only am I a Celtic musician and podcaster, but I was also born on St. Patrick's Day. The love of the holiday is ingrained in my heart and soul.

Arthur's Birthday 

What is the Halfway to St. Patrick's Day website all about?

Halfway to St. Patrick's Day takes my love of Irish & Celtic music to a new level. It takes it away from the day of my birth and focuses on the Irish culture and music more directly.

There's also a charitable aspect to the holiday. Drinking and Irish drinking songs are fun, but I also love helping people. My record label has donated thousands of dollars to Celtic cultural organizations. I would love to see Halfway to St. Patrick's Day be about charity as well as great music, beer and some fantastic craic.

That's up to you. I want to invite you to join the celebration on September 17th. Spread the word about Halfway to St. Patrick's Day. And please support your Celtic community.

- Marc Gunn, The Celtfather

PS. I love sharing my music. Find out all about it and how to download free Celtic songs here.


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