How to Celebrate Halfway to St. Patrick's Day
Halfway to St Patrick's Day Shamrocks

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How to Celebrate Halfway to St. Patrick's Day

Halfway to St. Pats Celebration!

People do it for Christmas and birthdays—why not St. Patrick’s Day? Celebrating a "halfway to St. Pat's" holiday can be a great way to get in touch with your inner Irishman (or Irishwoman!). Although there are no formal rules for this type of celebration, it stands to reason that you would do many of the things you might enjoy on the regular holiday. Here are some suggestions for a celebration to remember!

  • Wearin' o' the green.  Don your brightest green clothes and wear those St. Patrick's Day pins with pride. If people ask you what you're doing - tell them! They may want to join in the fun!

  • Make a meal. It really doesn’t have to be corned beef and cabbage... it can be anything you enjoy from Irish cuisine. If you have family recipes, why not make one of those and have some friends over for food and fun?

  • Patronize a pub. There is an Irish pub in nearly every neighborhood (or at least nearby). Now’s the time to go and show your support! Sashay on in and order a pint. Chat with the locals. Tell some stories!

  • Learn a couple Irish jokes. Here’s one to start with:

    Q: Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun?
    A: Cuz they're always a little short

  • Drink a pint of Guinness. Or...your favorite Irish beer.

  • Listen to some fine Irish tunes. There are many to choose from! Whether it be pipes or fiddle, having some Irish music on to sing along with is a great way to celebrate.

  • Call your relatives. If you are Irish, why not ring one of your relatives and learn more about your heritage. It’s a great time to learn something new about your family

  • Plan a St. Patrick's Day party. Celebrate a halfway point by planning for the Big Day. Take the time to find party favors, meal plan and put an invitation list together. Better yet, do it with a friend.

  • Dive into family history. Celebrate your heritage by starting a family history. You can use a formal tool, or just ask relatives to contribute stores. There are no "rules" for doing this type of thing - just have some fun!

  • Start a scrapbook. Take your best memories from prior St. Patrick's Day celebrations and begin a scrapbook that you can add to every year.

  • Have a party! If you’re feeling particularly motivated, you can even organize a party for the "halfway" mark. Choose some of the items from the list above to make it truly fabulous!

Do you have any ideas for a fantastic way to celebrate the "halfway to St. Patrick's day" marker? If so, share them on my Celtic Geeks facebook group.