Irish Music for Halfway to St. Patrick's Day
Halfway to St Patrick's Day Shamrocks

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Irish Music for Halfway to St. Patrick's Day

Marc Gunn at Things CelticOne of the integral parts of the Celtic culture is the music.Irish music is not only a part of our heritage, but it is a part of our every day lives. I play Celtic music on iPod throughout the day. I sing songs and Irish lullabies at night. My daughter was in the hospital for surgery and what did I do? I sang to her.

Irish and Celtic songs and tunes, both new and old, continue to meld into our world musical landscape such that it's not just "world music", it's "Celtic music". I believe that every Halfway to St. Patrick's Day celebration should have music.


Listen to my Halfway to St Patrick's Day special of the Pub Songs Podcast!

The Pub Songs Podcast is my personal podcast. I release a new episode every other week. These days, it's just me singing Sci F' Irish music intermixed with commentary about songs and podcasts, shows, books and videos I'm enjoying. It's a fun show to create. And it's a great way to get to know more about me.

But they show hasn't always been like that. In fact, here's one that highlights St Patrick's Day music from my 20+ albums.


If you want more Halfway to St Patrick's Day music, check out these episodes:

You subscribe to the Pub Songs Podcast here.


How to celebrate Halfway to St. Patrick's Day with Irish music?

If you're putting together your own Halfway to St. Patrick's Day celebration, start with the music. Hire Celtic musicians or bands for your event. You can find them in most local communities. Just google "Celtic music [Your Town]" or "Irish music [Your Town]". You are bound to find some great artists who would love to turn your celebration into an day to remember.

Many artists are fairly affordable too. Fees range from about $300-2000 depending on the popularity and availability of the artists.

If you don't have the money to hire a band, check out some of my podcasts.

Standing Stones in Ireland by Tom EmersonThe St. Patrick's Day Podcast is a free downloadable radio show. There are seven episodes featuring over seven hours of amazing indie Celtic music with little talk. I give you full permission to download it and play it for your celebrations. If you want to help out the artists, you can also print out the shownotes and hand them out to your customers.

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is the largest most-popular Celtic podcast online. It is an award-winning podcast with well-over 15,000 downloads of each show. There are over 100 shows that you can download and play for your event attendees too.

The Pub Songs for Celtic Geeks feature songs you might enjoy in the pub. Sometimes these are traditional Irish pub songs. Sometimes they are not. I also share some of my latest news for my Gunn Runners.

Check out my Celtic Music Magazine to find a number of other great Celtic podcasts from around the globe. I'm sure most of these other podcasts would be happy to share their shows with your events too. Just email them. It also offers a bunch of Irish MP3s you can download for free. Irish Songs for New Orleans

In fact, I also offer an album you can download for free. Irish Songs for New Orleans is a compilation CD of some of my most-popular Irish songs that you can download for free. Or if you want a CD, you can buy it a great discount price.

Also check out these Top 10 Halfway to St. Patrick's Day songs and my tips on how to celebrate the holiday.


Irish and Celtic Music in Northern Alabama

If you're in or Northern Alabama, I'd love to play your Halfway to St. Patrick's Day celebration. I'm based in Birmingham, Alabama and happy to visit your town if you live within 500 miles, or if you'd like to fly me to you for an event.

If you like Irish drinking songs, Renaissance festivals, science fiction conventions, comedy, cats, or podcasts, or if you just like good food, good drink, and good company, then drop me a line.

You can check out my music below:


Where can you buy Celtic CDs?

I started the Celtic Music CD Store to highlight albums by my Celtic label, Mage Records. There are dozens of albums by me and other indie Celtic bands. Plus you will find links to some of the best indie Celtic music online.

I have a bunch of fun Celtic CDs like these:

Name On My Soul by Kilted Kings (2017)

Become the Hero of an Epic adventure of powerful Celtic World music. Sing. Dance. Smile. Because we wear kilts, and You are royalty!  Kilted Kings features Marc Gunn on autoharp and vocals and Randy Wothke on percussion.


St Patrick's Day Songs for KidsSt Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids by Marc Gunn (2015)

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with your little leprechauns. Your kids will love this collection of fun and funny St. Patrick’s Day songs. It’s Celtic music for kids and the whole family!

How America Saved Irish MusicHow America Saved Irish Music by Marc Gunn (2014)

The Irish diaspora of the 19th century sent millions of Irish families to America.  Settling in New York, Boston and New Orleans, the immigrants brought Irish music with them.  Combining with other folk traditions and sustained by Irish cultural organizations across the country, Irish and Celtic music thrives in America. Two original songs are based on the construction of the New Basin Canal in New Orleans, where something between 5,000 and 20,000 Irish workers dies of yellow fever.


St Patrick's Day CDSt. Patrick's Day by Marc Gunn (2013)

Ever wake up on St. Patrick’s Day in a panic because you have no Irish music? Well, here’s a ready-made solution! “Every Day is Not St. Patrick’s Day” adds to Marc Gunn’s considerable collection of Celtic music made accessible in any number of ways. First of all, it’s a great listen. Even if you never explore the music beyond that, you’ll be satisfied. But Marc has made the lyrics to and chords for all these great songs available on his Irish Song Lyrics website. Was the #5 most-popular World music album on iTunes on January, 17 2013.


New Kilted Celtic Comedy Music CD from Marc Gunn.Kilted For Her Pleasure by Marc Gunn (2010)

Kilted Celtic comedy music for the playfully demented Celtic music fan. Get ready to guffaw with a healthy dose of laughter, the best medicine for any Celtic music lover.


album  coverThe Bridge by Marc Gunn (2010)

A soulful reflection of Celtic and folk bluesy music with themes and melodies both new and old that spans over ten years of Marc Gunn’s career. Masterfully recorded by Rich Brotherton, one of the Celtic music world’s finest producers.


album coverHappy Songs of Death by Marc Gunn (2009)

It’s Irish. A joyful juxtaposition of the morbid and the comic that celebrates murder ballads, the Black Death and life through death. Experience an album of New Orleans Irish music and drinking songs.

album  coverIrish Drinking Songs by Marc Gunn (2009)

All the original Irish drinking songs that were parodied on “Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers”. It’s newly-released with a brand new cover to celebrate Marc’s newly restarted Celtic music career.

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat LoversIrish Drinking Songs For Cat Lovers by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners’ Tabby Cats (2005)

The original CD that struck the imagination of cat lovers everywhere. It combines Irish drinking songs with my love of cats.

The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking SongsThe Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs by Brobdingnagian Bards (2007)

Irish Songs About Drinking for Those Who Love to Drink. A compilation CD featuring drinking songs from most of the Brobdingnagian Bards CDs.


Brobdingnagian Fairy TalesBrobdingnagian Fairy Tales by Brobdingnagian Bards (2005)

A warm fire of your favorite fairy tales, Irish folk songs, and fantasy filk music from Brobdingnag. Order a Guinness and smile to Irish drinking songs, The Princess Bride, and Star Wars: A New Hope.